Discussing the May 2020 Algo Update

The 5/21 installment of This Week in Marketing is all about the May 2020 Google Core Update.

Now, I know we hear this after every big update – but this was no normal update.

But what exactly makes this one different than the rest of the core algo updates?

While we cannot be 100% sure (we aren’t Google, after all), we believe the big shifts in traffic due to COVID-19 played an integral role in the update. Some of the biggest verticals affected include: entertainment, news, online communities, health, food, and more. These were the same verticals that saw a big uptick in traffic after lockdown orders started.

My first take on the matter is Google is now judging these sites more critically due to the spike in demand. In this episode, Sam and I give our thoughts on the update as SEO insiders, what the data is showing us, as well as some ways to put yourself in a good position to get those precious clicks!

Was your traffic impacted in early May?

If yes, this episode is definitely worth a listen!

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Kevin Svec is the Chief Content Strategiest at E2M Solutions Inc. In addition to hosting the San Diego AMA's radio show, This Week in Marketing, Kevin runs his town travel blog. Check out his post on SEO Tips for Travel Bloggers!