Hopping on the Video Bandwagon in 2020

Welcome back San Diego marketers – we’ve got a fantastic episode for you today!

In this installment of This Week in Marketing, I welcome in CJ Thomas, Founder of Wondertree Media. Wondertree Media is an award-winning video production company specializing in life-changing brands. These involve industries like healthcare, technology, education, government, etc.

In this one, we’re talking all about the video craze that has consumed the marketing world for nearly half a decade now – with no end in sight!

Segment 1

The show starts with me asking CJ about some of his favorite brand videos and what makes them awesome. The ones that come up are LEGO and TakeNote.

It was super interesting to hear CJ’s take on how LEGO has used video to do what very few brands have been able to do: use video to promote their brand in a way that doesn’t feel like a promotion.

CJ is referring to the LEGO movie franchise and how they have done wonders to turn their products into stories to bring the LEGO brand to the next level. A great quote we got from CJ was “The best brand campaigns don’t feel like ad campaigns.”

The next one he mentions is TakeNote’s A Love Story a Life Story. The video does a great job in adding a human element to resonate with users.

We then get CJ’s take on the role of video in today’s marketing mix. It’s all about using video as a platform to tell stories and humanize messaging.

We then discuss how video has blown up in recent years and how the mass shift to video has impacted his firm. Another interesting tidbit in this segment is how video impacts storytelling in different industries. CJ discusses the prevalence of video and how it is making huge impacts in medical/health industries.

Segment 2

We pick up segment two by discussing some of the big misconceptions brands have about video and how to get on the bandwagon. These include:

  • Understanding that video is a medium, not a strategy.
  • Assuming it has to be short.

We then discuss some of the most important elements to consider as you get the ball rolling. More importantly, the mindset to adopt. Spoiler: Start by giving people a reason to watch, not flashing your logo!


When it comes to storytelling in video: embrace conflict!

An interesting tidbit to consider when creating a video is, “aiming for viral fame is like buying a lottery ticket and calling it your investment strategy!”

Segment 3

As segment three kicks off, we take a deeper look into the creative process of video. Out of obligation, I need to ask a question about writing and how it factors into the puzzle. We get CJ’s take on how video script writing differs from blog posts, guides, website copy, etc. – as well as the power it has to bring a story to life – in a cohesive effort with production.

CJ and I then shift the conversation to promotion and research. A good piece of advice we get from CJ is to have a marketing plan set up before any cameras start rolling! We then get some good insight on how to start the research process – to ensure your video gets the most interested eyeballs on it!

We wrap up the segment by talking about video ROI and how to properly set expectations.

Segment 4

We pick up segment four where we left off with ROI in video. The key to setting expectations with clients is asking them what exactly they want to gain from the video. From here, it’s all about setting realistic goals.

Similar to SEO and content marketing, slow and steady tends to win the race. It’s all about persistence!

As the show winds down, I ask CJ about where he thinks video is heading in the future, as well as some good advice to keep in mind for newbie video producers.

For video producers: “Surround yourself with people who do what you want to do in video!”

For brands: “Figure out what you love and see how you can apply it to your target customers!”

If you’re thinking about making video a part of your marketing/branding strategy, definitely give this ep a listen!

For more from CJ, check out in-house podcast for some excellent insights for business growth!

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