How Custom Packaging Can Increase Brand Awareness

Creating custom packaging for your products can provide your customers with a feel for your brand. It can be a powerful way to increase customer interest and brand loyalty.

The more recognizable your product is, the greater the chance that first-time buys will remember you and return to purchase your products. There may also be increased opportunities to attract new customers if they recognize and appreciate the way you’re presenting your brand through your custom packaging.

By including custom product packaging as a part of your branding and marketing campaigns, you can promote your business and products in a number of ways. Custom packaging can be used to help promote future deals, bring awareness to other offerings and encourage cross-selling of your other products.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Custom packaging provides businesses with a way to help consumers identify with their brand. If a business can provide consistency and cohesiveness with its branding and marketing, they’ll be in a better position to bring in new customers and relate to their target audience.

Branding your products can play an important role in your customers’ decision-making process. Your company’s product packaging can convey many ideas about your company including its mission statement, core values and how the product can help solve current issues.

Personalization is a hot topic in the marketing world and by taking a more targeted and customized approach to your marketing strategies, you can connect with your ideal customers in a meaningful way that will persuade them to become loyal patrons of your business. Custom packaging is one way both large and small businesses can provide added personalization to the purchasing experience.

With younger generations of buyers becoming increasingly autonomous in the way they connect with brands, it’s important for businesses to make every effort to provide a unique experience that their customers can relate to.

Green Entrepreneurs

Along with personalization, there has been a huge trend in consumer buying habits towards companies that do business with causes in mind. A large portion of consumers prefers to do business with companies that share their values and are taking steps to affect positive change.

It is very popular for people to invest in companies that make a gallant effort towards ‘going- green’. This doesn’t mean consumers are only doing business with companies that are 100% environmentally friendly.

People can research ways to make purchases with companies that are making strides towards more sustainable packaging and environmental shipment costs. It is smart for shoppers to shop with a variety of companies that engage in ways to conserve and sustain the earth’s resources.

Many consumers are more inclined to choose a company that uses recyclable packaging that won’t end up polluting the environment after products are delivered. Young consumers, in particular, want the companies they support to act on social causes. As a result, many companies are investing in green initiatives including how they package and deliver their products.

When it comes to custom packaging, companies should consider how an environmentally friendly packaging process could increase their chances of connecting with customers. This will help connect with customers based on common values and simultaneously preventing unnecessary waste.


Brands need to understand how crucial it is to write their brand narrative early on. Brands need to nail down their entire image and vision before they go live with their business.

Their image will become the face of the company and help showcase the value behind their products and services. Many businesses without a strong image will fall flat.

It is valuable to incorporate a brand image on as much packaging as possible. Between shipment and delivery, these packages can become walking advertisements for any brand.

For example, companies have to cover a lot of ground when delivering floral arrangements. The package waiting at the doorstep is also an advertisement for anyone who sees it passing by. Companies should never underestimate the power behind the packaging. The packaging might appear like a small detail but can help spark a connection with every customer it interacts with.

Packaging is capable of telling an entire narrative. This clear narrative can easily increase brand awareness. The package can also create more curiosity around the brand and increase the number of new customers.

People trust brands that they are more familiar with and can help increase word-of-mouth marketing.

Persuasive Advertisement

Companies use a wide variety of marketing and advertising strategies to set themselves and their products apart from the rest of the competition. Additionally, the goal is to urge their target audience to choose them. Packaging plays an integral role in these strategies and may be the difference between loyal customers and losing to competitors.

When most businesses design their branding and packaging, they aim to elicit some type of logical and emotional response from their target consumers that will persuade these buyers to take action and purchase with that company.

Color, shape, and branded copy are all-powerful indicators as to how a company seeks to connect with consumers. Companies that provide some type of healing or environmental solution often brand their packaging with the color green to signify growth and health, while other companies might use yellow or orange with bold text to encourage action from their audience.

By carefully considering their target audience’s desires, pain points, and values, companies can gather significant insight into how they can design packaging that will persuade their audience to buy from them.


Custom packing can be an expensive investment, especially for smaller businesses. But it can be well worth the cost if the process is approached strategically. Decide ahead of time how much value you expect your custom packaging to provide to your brand and why.

By determining these metrics ahead of time, you can more easily track the progress and success of your campaign and decide when it becomes appropriate to pivot. Many consumers feel excited when they make a purchase and receive a package at their home.

For many, the feeling is similar to receiving a gift. By incorporating custom packaging into the buyer experience, you increase the chances of your consumers feeling like they are opening a gift from an old friend – a feeling that everyone loves.

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