How Valuable is In-Store Branding These Days?

After a brief hiatus, Sam and I get back in the studio to discuss in-store branding with none other than my sister, Jessie Svec.

Jessie worked in American Eagle’s corporate office as a Senior Creative Visual Coordinator – designing the in-store displays.

Our discussion in this installment of This Week in Marketing revolves around the question, “Has the retail apocalypse compromised the importance of the in-store brand experience?”

Spoiler: It most certainly has NOT!

Segment 1

Segment one is more of an overview of the subject. We get Jessie’s expert take on the layered importance of the in-store brand experience, what makes it memorable, and how to make yours unique.

A good tidbit we got from this section is that the first impression is everything. It sets your customers’ mood, directs their journey, and either draws people away from your store or into it.

The segment ends with Jessie’s hot take on how the “Retail Apocalypse” is changing the value of the in-store experience. This mass shift to e-commerce hasn’t diminished the in-store brand experience; it’s set a new standard for it!

Segment 2

We kick off segment two talking about how AE has worked to shape its in-store experience. We get a lot of good insight in this segment about how AE creates a brand image based in inclusivity and embracing your body. This message has been the bread and butter of AE for years and plays a monumental role in how they bring customers through the door.

A highlight of this segment is how brick-and-mortar stores (of which work to appeal to the masses) can differentiate themselves in the market. We get a good example of how AE does this to separate themselves from the likes of Gap, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, etc.

Segment 3

To segue right from segment 2, we start off segment 3 by talking about on the fashion industry in general and how clothing brands present themselves. Perhaps more interesting, we talk about how brands can create a versatile image that evolves concurrently with social trends.

We also get some good tidbits on how big brands (like AE) have worked to appeal to younger demographics as their consumer base rapidly shifts to Gen Z – like many other brands.

Segment 4

To wrap up the show, we get into a good discussion about values and how brands can leverage them to appeal to target customers. In interesting example that was brought up is how AE created a themed display during Pride Month to further solidify values of inclusivity.

Jessie gives a brief summary of her new startup called Pitch Kit, a camping equipment rental service based in values of environmentalism. Additionally, she talks about how her time at AE is shaping the message of this new company!

As the show comes to a close, we get Jessie’s opinion about the brand experience of clothing brands in 5,10, and 20 years down the road.

Really good stuff in this episode of This Week in Marketing!

If you are interested in learning more about in-store brand experiences and how to craft yours, definitely give this one a listen!


About the Hosts: 

Kevin Svec is the Chief Content Strategist at E2M Solutions Inc. in San Diego. When Kevin isn’t working on creating awesome content with the AMA San Diego, he is either rock climbing, hanging out at the beach, or working on his travel + leisure website, Impulsive Wanderlust. He recently published an article on Traveling with Dogs.

Sam Wheeler is the co-host of AMA San Diego’s This Week in Marketing podcast and an expert in the digital marketing space. He specializes in helping brands ranging from small businesses to large enterprise organizations to boost their online presence. Some of his current projects include supporting national brands like Vitality Extracts and several local disrupters.