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Build Creativity Into All Business Departments

The marketing world runs on creativity and the This Week in Marketing podcast is no different! It’s truly amazing how a clever marketing or advertising campaign can turn a “boring” product into something that stands out in an industry. Old Spice, Charmin, and Milk are a few excellent examples. Spoiler alert! There are no boring industries, just boring marketing teams!

In the latest installment of This Week in Marketing, we brought in Gina Greco, Director of Portfolio MasterClass in San Diego. Gina has enjoyed a long, illustrious career in advertising and now devotes her time to educating creative minds looking to enter the industry. Gina was joined by Yasmeen Mezenner, a voiceover specialist and former student at Portfolio MasterClass.

In the first segment, we talk about the importance of creative advertising and why businesses of all shapes and sizes need it. Gina also discusses some of her favorite examples of creative brand advertising, as well as some key takeaways for businesses that don’t have a huge budget.

Segment two deals with the specifics of coordinating an advertising campaign and the elements involved. This deals with mapping out ideas and coming up with a creative brief for a team to follow. Gina provided a few of her favorite examples of marketing in traditionally “boring” industries and how the creative minds changed the mundane perception. Truth be told, there is no such thing as a “boring” industry, just poor imaginations.

We listened to “Dumb Ways to Die” and talk about how it took something as mundane as train safety and turned it into an international phenomenon. Check it out below:

The third segment of the show dove a bit deeper into the teamwork aspect of creative advertising. Most importantly, this deals with making sure everyone involved in the process, (including the copywriters, designers, creative directors, and the clients) are on the same page from A to Z. We discuss some of the key ingredients to making sure the brief accurately lays the framework for everything from brainstorming to the final execution. Gina emphasizes the importance of doing VERY thorough market research and planning prior to creating the brief. In this segment, we also talked about how the momentous changes and diversity in digital channels these days has shaped many business’s approach to advertising.

The final section was a fun creative brainstorming exercise. Gina, Yasmeen, and the hosts took the everyday product deodorant and played the “What If” game. This technique involved adding all kinds of creative twists to it by starting sentences with “What if deodorant could….” The purpose of this is to get the creative juices flowing and brainstorm as much as possible. Once there are a bunch of ideas written down, you can examine them and see if there is any potential to build a campaign.

If you are interested in gaining some creative prowess or getting your team to rethink their approach to marketing, listen in for some interesting tidbits from an advertising expert!

Listen Here:


We also promised to show a few examples, both local and national, of great budget friendly campaigns. Check them out below:

About Portfolio MasterClass:

Portfolio MasterClass offers a diverse catalog of creative edge classes in the way of copywriting, graphic design, marketing strategy, UX, UI, and visual design. The courses are taught by senior-level professionals who aim to familiarize students with a collaborative process and help them build a portfolio of professional grade work. Over the years, students of Portfolio MasterClass have won numerous awards, and graduates have gone on to get jobs across an array of industries.

Check out a snippet from their new website!


About the Hosts:

Sam Wheeler is the host of This Week in Marketing. He is a marketing expert and works for some of the world’s largest and smallest brands. Sam loves to surf the web and talk digital marketing. Currently he is supporting great companies innovate their marketing channels like Arnett’s Tvyek Wristbands, Rapid Rex’s new website crawler, and the HockeystickMan!

Kevin Svec is a Senior Copywriter and Content Strategist at E2M Solutions Inc. E2M Is a full service digital marketing agency offering services in the realm of content marketing, SEO, web design, and copywriting. In addition to writing content, Kevin also runs E2M’s in-house podcast The Marketing Microscope. Apart from E2M, Kevin operates a travel and leisure recommendation website called Impulsive Wanderlust.