Introverts Are Marketers, Too

Photo of Beth Buelow by Morgen Schuler.

Empowering less-outgoing business owners, team members and customers

Beth Buelow, certified coach, speaker and author of the Introvert Entrepreneur, prefers to think of introversion as an orientation instead of a personality type. By this definition, all of us possess varying degrees of both introvert and extrovert characteristics but favor one end of the spectrum or the other.

Which side of the scale do you occupy? Figuring this out is simple. If social gatherings drain you of energy, that’s introversion. If this same circumstance recharges you, that’s extroversion.

And it’s easy to see how introversion might be an impediment to entrepreneurial or professional advancement. Meetings and networking events can be designed to favor the more gregarious among us, presenting challenges to more contemplative business owners and team members.

Beth should know, she considers herself an introvert. She called into This Week in Marketing to share her perspective on how introverts can define and create success on their own terms, a perspective informed by personal experience and coaching engagements with entrepreneurs and executives.

Beth helped us understand how and why to nurture the talents of introverts on your team, how to market yourself and your business as an introvert, and examples of marketing messages and tactics that appeal to introverts.

AMA San Diego Podcast, Mar. 20, 2018: Introverts Are Marketers, Too