Keeping Creativity Top of Mind

Innovation is one of the hottest buzzwords in marketing, and also one of its trickiest propositions

We’ve heard that failing to innovate leads to stagnation and ultimately extinction, but human nature makes innovation a major challenge. After all, the path of least resistance is enjoying the fruits of our past successes rather than risking our reputations and capital on radical new ventures or ideas. Just ask Eastman Kodak, Blackberry and Blockbuster Video!

Serial entrepreneur, author and speaker Lon Safko believes the key to unlocking your innovative potential is to overcome your brain’s natural inclination toward conformity and self-preservation.

According to Lon’s philosophy, being innovative is all about letting the two sides of your brain have equal time: giving the creative right side a chance to explore and communicate ideas for the logical left side to process and implement.

Lon Safko

Check out this episode of This Week in Marketing to learn from Lon how brands large and small can build innovation into company culture. Bonus: If you like alliteration, you’ll love this show, with a heavy dose of three Cs and five Ws!

This Week in Marketing, Apr. 17, 2018: Keeping Creativity Top of Mind