Local Partnerships & Cause!

Local marketing can be an extremely daunting project for many small business owners. On this episode of This Week in Marketing we discuss some great ways partnerships can help!

Our guest today is Larisa Hall of Tap Fever Studios in Pacific Beach.

Larisa Hall of Tap Fever Studies

Larisa Hall – Tap Fever Studies

The aspiration of Tap Fever’s Executive Director and Founder, Larisa Hall, is to give dance opportunities to anyone with rhythm in their heart. Larisa has been in San Diego since the summer of 2003 and teaching her own style of tap, which is a culmination of the variety of dance experience she’s had over the years. Larisa’s classes focus on making technique easy to understand, and having fun!




Segment 1: We welcome Larisa and discuss how she has historically acquired new students for her many classes. We also touch on the importance of a strong online presence.

Segment 2: Feedback is KING! Larisa discusses the importance of feedback and how to collect it. Larisa’s favorite method is through customer retention phone calls, which she says are much more effective than email because of the human touch. We also discuss how partnerships can be extremely beneficial for both large and small businesses.

Segment 3 & 4: Local Digital Marketing. Here we talk about local SEO and discuss best practices. Kevin takes us through the major 2018 Google algorithm updates and we chat about their impact on local businesses.

We also talk about best practices for local businesses to improve their online presence. From Google My Business to keyword intent, there is a lot of information that a small business owner must know. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of resources for further reading

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About the Hosts: 

Sam Wheeler loves the importance of local marketing. He believes that local businesses have a passion for marketing and enjoys supporting their bootstrapping mentality. He is a business consultant with Inseev Interactive and has spent the several last years working on improving the digital channels of big businesses and small disrupters. Originally from Chicago, his current projects include supporting local auto dealerships like Audi Westmont. 

Kevin Svec is the co-host and a Senior Copywriter and Chief Content Strategist at E2M Solutions Inc. When he is not writing about marketing or business, Kevin is working on his travel and leisure website: Impulsive Wanderlust. The newest post is a fun piece on travel books that everyone should read!

About Sam

Samuel is a professional contributor and editor with 365 Business, 365 Business is a new organization dedicated to helping small to medium business owners collect and leverage actionable business tips and advice in five minutes or less.