Marketing and COVID-19

Good morning marketers!

Like most other businesses, AMA San Diego is not immune to the quarantine order. But we are prepared! Sam and I bring this episode of This Week in Marketing to you from our homes as Wade from WSRadio has reworked the show to be call-in for the foreseeable future.

This pocked-sized 30-min episode is all about how brands are being forced to change their marketing approaches and cope with mass(and sudden) economic downturn.

In this episode, Sam and I talk about some of our favorite brands that have pushed through similar struggles in the past, and what some of today’s brands are doing to keep things moving.

We know it’s intimidating to think about marketing when revenue is being cut in half – or worse. However, times of mass crisis creates voids. If you are aren’t able to fill them/keep them filled, someone else will come along.

The main message in this show is to keep the brand light burning – see the whole episode for more!


About Kevin

Kevin Svec is the Chief Content Strategiest at E2M Solutions Inc. In addition to hosting the San Diego AMA's radio show, This Week in Marketing, Kevin runs his town travel blog. Check out his post on SEO Tips for Travel Bloggers!