This Week in Marketing: Mindfulness in Business

In the last episode of This Week in Marketing of 2019, Sam and I return to the studio to discuss the concept of mindfulness in business. Our guest this week is Penny Payton, life coach and mindfulness expert.

Segment 1

To kick off the show, we start by getting Penny’s background in mindfulness and how she transitioned from working in the corporate world to helping those in the corporate world. Penny defines mindfulness for us, and discusses its importance in the modern workplace.

Segment 2

Segment two starts with Penny telling us the major reasons why people seek out mindfulness. She discusses the importance of getting to the root of the problem – most of which starts in the personal life and spills over into the professional. She gives us some awesome insight on the challenges people face and how mindfulness can be a meaningful approach to remedy them.

Segment 3

Segment three kicks off with Penny discussing the first steps she takes in mindfulness coaching. She gives us some good tips on how to set goals, as well as how to reach them in a logical way. We then get a good look into the first few weeks of the mindfulness journey, and how it helps to relieve tension – both at home and at work.

Segment 4

The final segment gets into the specifics of some everyday practices to live a more mindful life. We wrap up the show with Penny giving us some examples of some excellent outcomes of people seeking mindfulness – as well as some of the major roadblocks. As the show comes to a close, Penny gives some final words of wisdom for busy professionals to stick to their mindfulness journey: stay aware of your thoughts and how they impact you.

If you are interested in mindfulness and creating a more peaceful headspace – definitely give this episode a listen!


About the Hosts:

Kevin is the Chief Content Strategist at E2M Solutions Inc. When he’s not working, Kevin is writing for Impulsive Wanderlust, a travel + leisure website he founded in 2017. His latest project involves a startup called Pitch Kit, a camping rental company operating out of San Diego.

Sam Wheeler is the president-elect of SDAMA. Sam enjoys supporting local companies working to grow their digital presence. His current projects include Taco Surf in San Diego and the Dallas based Whiterock Locators.