Secrets to Advertising on Facebook

Sam Wheeler, Bill Winn

Guest host Sam Wheeler, left, with AMA San Diego VP Content Bill Winn

Tips for generating cost-effective traffic amid exploding competition

Facebook’s reputation was, not long ago, as an inexpensive channel from which to drive web traffic. Well, you can’t expect something like that to remain a secret forever. As more advertisers fell in love with the platform’s user data, targeting options and favorable conversion rates, the costs of impressions, clicks and said conversions became far less economical.

In this podcast we flip the script, with guest host Sam Wheeler asking the questions and AMA San Diego VP Content Bill Winn sharing his experiences advertising on Facebook. The discussion includes targeting recommendations, pixel usage, placement advice, lesser-known conversion optimizations and helpful testing suggestions.

Tune in to learn some ways to improve the performance of your Facebook campaigns.

AMA San Diego Podcast, Sept. 19, 2017: Secrets to Advertising on Facebook