The Gold Miner Method

Shelley Callahan, Frank Cowell, San Diego AMA, B2B content marketing

How the best B2B marketers are hitting pay dirt

Is there a sure-fire way to maximize your content marketing results? Of course there is!

By developing a detailed strategy, leveraging technology and continually optimizing, you can join the ranks of the world’s most effective B2B content marketers.

In this podcast, host Shelley Callahan talks with Frank Cowell about his Gold Miner Method for systematic lead generation. Frank heads up Elevator, a digital brand strategy agency based in the San Diego area.

Frank works regularly with CEOs, Chief Marketing Officers, and Vice Presidents of Sales and Marketing who are looking to create amazing brand experiences while driving inbound leads.

Segment 1: The Gold Miner Method


Segment 2: What Are You in the Business of?


Segment 3: Common Challenges in the Funnel


Segment 4: Marketing Process and Program Growth


Frank and his Elevator team will join Hubspot and San Diego AMA to present our first-ever Content Marketing Bootcamp. These three powerhouse marketing organizations are coming together to bring marketers across Southern California an intensive two-day workshop to learn first-hand how to develop strategic content marketing plans:

  • Develop a compelling content marketing mission
  • Build specific buyer personas for your organization
  • Get ready to execute your first content marketing campaign
  • Promote content to amplify results
  • Optimize plans for consistent results
  • And much more!

Participants will walk away from the session with specific, complete and actionable content marketing plans.

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