The Psychology of Branding

Brian Lischer of Ignyte

There are strong subconscious influences on our purchasing decisions

Let’s say you’ve decided to rebrand. You have a pretty good idea what your customers like about you and your products or services, you have a sense of what differentiates you from your competitors, maybe you pull together a working group to spearhead the effort. You’re good to go, right?

Not so, says Brian Lischer of Ignyte, a San Diego branding agency. Brian studied psychology at UC San Diego and has applied best practices he learned there to branding ever since founding Ignyte. He makes deep qualitative surveys of employees and customers part of every branding project and applies the resulting learnings to all aspects of the brand.

Tune in to this podcast to hear Brian’s insights on the impact of psychology on branding. For example, learn how our desire for a sense of belonging drives brand loyalty, how exclusiveness can be just as valuable to a brand as inclusiveness, and how archetypes crystalize brand affinity for customers.

This Week in Marketing, June 5, 2018: Psychology of Branding