Video Marketing Best Practices

Mike Towe of M2 Digital Post

Online consumption of video shows no sign of slowing

Marketers are ever more intent on publishing video content that drives awareness and affinity

Video is far from a foolproof medium. Users won’t watch just anything — you have to hold their attention with humor or emotion.

Then there are all the technical considerations — sound, lighting, staging, music, editing and more. Getting any one of these wrong will tank an otherwise great concept.

Finally, there are the channels and form factors to think about — how does your production change when distributing via social media, web or traditional television? What happens when so many users view video on mobile devices?

We invited Mike Towe, owner of M2 Digital Post and host of AMA San Diego’s Video Marketing Special Interest Group, to discuss these issues and more. Like, when do you self-produce vs. call in a pro? And, what global and local brands are using video to their advantage?

Listen in for some great advice from Mike on video ideation and production, and keep an eye on our events schedule for future Video Marketing SIG meetings.

This Week in Marketing, May 15, 2018: Video Marketing Best Practices


Update with real world examples

In the show we discussed some great real world examples. We wanted to give some additional fun local and national examples for our readers!

Local Examples:

National Exmaples: