Video Marketing on Facebook

From left, San Diego AMA VP Content Bill Winn, Alex Cameron of Signature Social Marketing Consulting and Mike Matamala, San Diego AMA VP Earned & Social Media.

Don’t even think about using Facebook for marketing without trying video

Digital marketers continue to find Facebook a fruitful source of impressions, leads and conversions, especially when they leverage video on the platform.

In this show, Alex Cameron, founder of Signature Social Marketing Consulting, and Mike Matamala, content creator at Holdrite and San Diego AMA’s social media lead, share their perspectives on using video to reach prospective customers on Facebook. Listen to find out what’s working and what isn’t for leading brands and agencies in 2017.


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Video Advertising on Facebook


Now, wouldn’t we be silly doing a podcast about video on Facebook without providing a Facebook video of the discussion? So here it is!


And here it is on YouTube: