Why Should I Podcast?

wsRadio owner & operator Wade Taylor in the control room

Video can’t kill the radio star

Should you podcast? Of course!

Easy for us to say, we record new shows roughly twice a month.

So don’t take our word for it, listen instead to Wade Taylor. He’s the owner & operator of wsRadio.com.

Wade has managed wsRadio for more than 15 years, during which time he has not only mastered the craft of podcasting, but pinpointed the role of audio in a thoughtful content marketing strategy.

You might ask, how can that be, with video growing rapidly and written content going strong?

Well, each medium has its place. Writing is great for explaining, video is perfect for demonstrating. Audio is the best medium for storytelling, which is music to the ears of marketers.

Plus, we can consume audio on the go and, as it turns out, listeners will hang with it longer in our short-attention-span era.

Listen to this show to learn more about the purposes, advantages and techniques of proper podcasting.

Bonus: The first-ever AMA San Diego holiday listener contest!

Looking for an excuse to take a break from your annoying family over the holidays? Spend some quality time enjoying AMA San Diego’s library of podcasts!

Here’s how the contest works:

  1. Listen to AMA San Diego podcasts from Jan. 2016 to the present at sdama.org/podcast
  2. Enter relevant comments under the posts
  3. After the holidays, we’ll tabulate the number of relevant comments contributed by each listener
  4. Each comment will be allocated one entry in a drawing we’ll conduct in Jan., 2018
  5. The winner of the drawing can choose between:
  • A free pass to our 2018 Art of Marketing conference
  • The opportunity to host your very own show on wsRadio; Wade will give you all the training you need and help you develop your one-hour show. You’ll own a fantastic piece of content related to your business!
  • A second drawing winner will receive the prize not selected by the first

See below for more details.

So get busy listening to shows and contributing to the discussion. We look forward to announcing the winners in January!

AMA San Diego Podcast, Nov. 28, 2017: Why Should I Podcast?
Additional contest details
  • Only AMA San Diego members are eligible to win drawing prizes
  • Only comments contributed by individuals qualify; comments will not be aggregated to groups or company pages
  • Comments must be contributed by midnight Pacific time December 31, 2017