New Scholarship Opportunity from National University

National University has been (and always will be) dedicated to making higher education more accessible, affordable, and worthwhile. The NU scholarship programs are designed to help eligible students reduce the burden of attending college, get a head start on classes, and complete programs more efficiently while meeting their goals.

The Opportunity Scholarship

With a $30 million investment from philanthropist T. Denny Sanford, National University is excited to offer the “Opportunity Scholarship”. This is a need and program-based award intended to reduce tuition costs of undergraduate programs, ease financial stress, and simplify the long process to earn a degree.

The Fast Track Scholarship

The “Fast Track Scholarship” is a merit-based award meant to assist students in staying persistent in earning their degree. This program offers a free class for every three weeks completed over a six-month period. The Fast Track Scholarship is National University’s way of recognizing progress, celebrating success, and guiding students on their road to graduation.

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